American born artist Lloyd Tabing has worked for over twenty years as a contemporary abstract painter.  His works are distinctive and powerful yet provide a sinse of elegance and simplicity that speaks to the viewer. Lloyds works are often large scale and are a representation of his simplified view of the natural. He now lives  and works in Sweden and says he is inspired by the mystical forests that surround him. His paintings are widely collected and can be found in private and corporate collections and exhibited in esteemed galleries and museums internationally.

An exploration of beauty and energy, Tabing’s paintings are a visual representation of the dichotomy of the reality of nature and his simplified interpretation. Concealing as much as they reveal, Lloyd’s paintings intertwine gestural marks, textures and fields of color that lure you in tempting one to get lost in thought and emotion. His reactionary process combined with his use of deliberate brushstrokes create both uncomplicated yet powerful presence.  

Extreme emotion, simplicity and controlled chaos is a common thread that can be found throughout Lloyd’s works. He often begins by reducing an initial idea to its simplest form of lines and marks. As the painting develops he reacts spontaneously to what is happening on the canvas further reducing any semblance to the piece and emerging with a powerful emotional work. A self proclaimed perfectionist, Lloyd says that being self-taught has allowed for his uninhibited and untainted style of art.

It is evident that Lloyd loves to paint. This relatively reserved painter enjoys speaking to people about his art but says that his paintings have allowed him to express himself in ways that he could never do in words. When looking at one of Tabing’s paintings it is clear that he leaves his heart and soul on every painting. 



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