Artist Statement

My paintings are inspired by the sense of space, both from nature and the built environment. My process is purely reactionary and intuitive. I love to paint because it allows me a way to freely express myself in a way that I often cannot do with words. Over the years painting has evolved into a personal creative process. In todays sometimes overwhelmingly hectic world I search for simplicity. I do this by reducing my environment into its simplest forms. It is this simplified view of lines and color that provides me direction without dictating. When I approach a blank canvas I have no preconceived idea, but instead I give way to my emotions and respond to what is happening on the canvas.
My paintings are about freedom and expression. I cherish those times when I am completely lost for hours in what I am doing and then step back from the canvas and think wow that is so powerful. The best feeling I get from talking to people about my art is hearing them express what the painting does for them. Not as much as what they may see in a piece but more of what they feel.

Glastonbury Festival